Stephen J. Bailey

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The word on the street…


“Hiring Stephen has been one of the best marketing decisions I’ve made. Finally, I have a website that is user friendly, informative, and designed to fit my business and personality. After many disappointing designers, Stephen was the first one to help me understand the “why’s?”. He helped me make informed decisions, and ultimately, gave me a website that works!! Because new clients are finding me via Google! I am happy to say… Stephen at DWD is “My Web Guy!” – Sara Kruger,

“My experience with Stephen has been outstanding. I have entrusted him with managing our entire social media presence in a very niche market, and he has gone above and beyond our expectations in terms of fulfilling our needs and strengthening our brand’s image. His professionalism has made this an easy and satisfying business decision.” – Patrick Brown, Occam Education

“Midtowne Realty hired Detailed Web Design to re-do our website a couple years ago and just recently hired Stephen back for SEO work because we were not happy with where our website was showing up in most searches. I was not familiar with SEO and really appreciated Stephen’s ability to explain the ins and outs of how it works and how it could benefit our website and business. We are finally showing up on the first page when you search “downtown apartments Fort Wayne!” We couldn’t be more pleased!” – Amanda Lahrman, Office Manger,

“I would recommend Stephen for any Web Design work. He is very creative, honest and gets the job done to your satisfaction. Along, with being very professional Stephen is very kind and hard working. You will enjoy collaborating with him on your Web Design Project!” – Brian Bauermeister,

“Stephen J. Bailey is a highly competent and goal-oriented individual whose skill-set makes him uniquely qualified for his role as a contracted communications specialist with the Downtown Improvement District. Any company would benefit from Stephen’s easy going nature and commitment to excellence and I would personally recommend his services to any company or organization looking to develop social media and web-based communications.”  – Frank Howard, Marketing & Services Director at the Downtown Improvement District

“I can’t say enough about Stephen! He has been a dream to work with. He is flexible, personable, and does not stop until you are 100% satisfied with your web site. I live in Louisiana and was a little worried that there would be difficulty communicating and getting across to him what I wanted, but he quickly alleviated all of my fears with his accessibility and willingness to work until I was satisfied. He has put layer upon layer onto my website without knowing much about my business of breeding race horses and has never disappointed me with his willingness to learn, professionalism, and overall great personality and attitude. I recommend him to any and everyone looking for a great, crisp, detailed web site. You can, also, contact me anytime and I will reverberate this and more about Stephen. If you are looking for a website builder, your search has ended here!”  – Jennifer LaCombe,

“Stephen is great to work with. He listens to what you need/want and then adds his own creativity and expertise to provide a unique and well-functioning end product.” – David Kaufman,

“Detailed Web Design was an absolute breeze to work with! Stephen really took the time to listen and understand my goals and visions for my website. I have received 5 purchases already from a website he built for me last month. I am looking forward to this new channel to promote and grow my business. Stephen was efficient, attentive, and an absolute joy to work with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to jumpstart and expand their business venture.” – Carly Rosswurm,

“Stephen, You are made of sugar, spice, and pure gold. You are simply the best EVER.” – Jarin Hart,

“I am overjoyed at the launch of our website and can’t say enough good things about our web designer, Stephen J. Bailey. Stephen is exceptionally talented, professional and great to work with. He listened to our story, captured our spirit and brings it to you in bold, beautiful, living color!” – Pat Oppor,

“It was a pleasure working with Detailed Web Design! Professional and knowledgeable through the design process, quick response to questions and ideas, and fast completion of the project.– Leslie Smithson,

“Stephen was exceptional to work with from the very beginning to the completed project and beyond! He caught the real me and my intent for my website – he really listened, then took my ideas to design an energetic, color-full site. I love it! I would recommend Stephen to anyone who wants quality work, excellent service, and a real value!” – Cheryl Spieth Gardiner,

“Stephen is one of the most creative individuals I have ever met. I love spending time with him when he tries to teach me to maintain my website. I hate computers! He is patient and professional. He takes cares of the most difficult to the most mundane tasks requested. Good guy, honest, and I am proud to have him as a business owner in my small town.” – Peggy Garton, Leo-Cedarville Town Manager,

“Stephen is awesome and totally willing to meet your vision and needs. His designs are edgy and artistic, but still clean and accessible. He is very personable and easy to work with. He takes your information and truly meets your needs in the design and layout. I am very happy with his product and thankful – because of his work I am now getting more work from having a website!”  Blane Pressler,

“Detailed Web Design is a great local web design firm! The website turned out beautifully, works great, and was completed quickly. Excellent to work with. I will definitely be referring all of my friends. Thank you!“ – Amy Colley,

“This was my first attempt to get my website designed and I let Stephen know upfront that I would need someone to hold my hand throughout the experience. He was great, offering helpful hints, and keeping it simple so that I could maintain it myself. I would recommend him to others.”  Pauline Baker,

“The website is doing very well. We get business every day!” – Chuck Hoover,

“I am thrilled with the work completed by DetailedWebDesign! An absolute pleasure to work with at every stage of the project, very knowledgeable, and exceeded my expectations on every level. A real expert and such a professional – I feel very lucky to have worked with this provider! I’m extremely impressed and highly recommend him!” – Rachel,

Excellent to work with. Attentive and responsive. Highly recommend.” – Susan,

“Being a start up company I needed someone with expertise to guide me through the process of branding my business. Stephen assisted me with a variety of media communication to reach current and future customers. He listened to my wants, needs, and ideas and turned it into a well thought out logo and branding plan in a very timely fashion. I can now say I have a beautiful pineapple logo on my store-front doors so people can find me easily. I found working with Stephen to be effortless. He has a pulse on my target market which proved to pay off by the number of new customers I am reaching through my web site, facebook, iphone, and print advertising. I am looking forward to working with Stephen on future projects and you should too!” – Kelly Heller,

“Thank you Detailed Web Design for an amazing job on my website!!!” – Erin Long,

“I could not have been more satisfied with the web design Stephen did for me. He was able to listen to me and then design what I had explained to him. It was a great experience working with him.” – Joan McMillan,[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]