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"Place your success and growth in the hands of PH Digital. Don't miss out on reaching your optimal audience. One Tweet, one boosted Facebook post, or an optimized website can connect you to your next lead or sale."

What is "With a PH"?

My name is Stephen J. Bailey and I love what I do. "With a PH" represents what I bring to every client that I work with. Each brand, each person, and each business has its own identity. Sometimes that difference is obvious and sometimes it is subtle. It is our differences that help us to stand out and help us to succeed. It's why I spell my name with a "PH". It's why I use my middle initial. These small but important variances help us to distinguish one another from each other and create a storyline in our minds about what these differences mean. This is why I love digital marketing. Noticing that one thing that makes you different from everyone else is your key to success. It's my job to find it, to explore it, and to connect it with your audience that is waiting to hear it.

I started Detailed Web Design in 2006 when I built my first website. Since then, what started as a hobby turned into a full-time career with little room for sleep. In 2011, I emptied out my 401k and said goodbye to corporate America for good. Since then, I have found new meaning in building professional relationships. My clients' happiness and their goals are always at the front of my mind. Find out more in my online testimonials.
I am proud to work with a number of companies including the Downtown Improvement District of Fort Wayne, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, Waiter on the Way, Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, Vanilla Bean Cookies, YWCA Northeast Indiana, and many more. Find out more in my online portfolio.