Stephen J. Bailey

Capricorn. ENFJ.
Enneagram 1w2.
code: connection, freedom, success, loyalty


Since 2006, I have built a diverse portfolio of web development, SEO, and social media clients. Companies hire me to increase their presence in search engines, create a social media conversation, and establish a brand via content, photos, drone work, TV, radio, and videography.

I work in digital marketing with an average of 25 – 30 companies each month in Northeast Indiana to help raise awareness about their business, their products, their mission, and help them reach their goals. I’ve built over 150 websites and have enjoyed working on a wide range of projects and am the webmaster for numerous websites in the region. Since 2011, I work exclusively in WordPress CMS web developments.

I refuse to grow into a large agency or firm because I am hands on with all my clients. I personally touch and work on every photo, video, piece of content, and published article. I never want to lose sight of that. When someone hires me for a short term or long term project, they get my attention.

I worked in corporate America for years before I started my own company. Before I left, I was the manager of a 13-person internal staff, and manager of the processing department that directly connected over 50 employees in a five state region. I have an Associates of Business Degree and a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology.

My company is a direct reflection of myself. I believe any project is possible with integrity, hard work, not taking yourself too seriously, and communication.